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Nicola Clark WFH

Work from Home UK

Work from Home UK was started by Nicola Clark, who has worked from home as a Virtual Assistant and Website Designer for over 18 years.  She saw the possibilities of a home-based business in her early twenties while planning a family, and trying to figure out how to juggle a career with children.  

Luckily, it was several years before children came along, and she managed to get her business successfully up and running before needing to work around the new addition!

During lockdown, it became clear that a transition to WFH was a livesaver for many businesses and workers, but more than that, it proved that remote working can and does work just as well in a range of scenarios.  

People already in work are now negotiating a continuation of at least part-time remote working, but many companies are insisting on a return to the office.  On the other hand, many companies have realised that remote working cuts down on overheads and are actually finding staff productivity is increasing!  However, a general web search for “work from home” jobs, doesn’t come up with any sites that are dedicated to remote working.  Therefore, the spark of opportunity struck and Work from Home UK was born!

Nicola started the company (from home, of course) and hopes to grow it into the #1 site for WFH jobs in the UK.